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Heroes On Horseback is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Corporation registered in the State of South Carolina
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Program Offerings

Heroes on Horseback offers three major categories of Equine Assisted Activities. Clients are assigned to one or more of the following programs based on their individual needs, abilities and interests.


This program is a 30 minute lesson in which the participant is positioned on the horse to relax tight muscles, increase range of motion, improve stability and balance. This recreational therapeutic riding program focuses on learning and physical exercise using the horse for rhythm, motion and motivation. Participants may not be learning riding skills but are gaining tremendous physical and emotional benefit from being on a horse. Balance, coordination and muscle tone improve through exercises done on horseback. Psychological benefits include increased independence, motivation and self-control.

The lesson is facilitated by a certified PATH instructor. Whenever possible, HOH encourages input from the client's licensed therapist to maximize the benefit of individual lesson plans.


This lesson is divided into two sections: 15-20 minutes of ground work and 20-30 minutes of mounted work. Primary focus is on riding skills and horsemanship. Coaching for competition is also available. The lesson is facilitated by a certified PATH instructor.

Ground Lesson: the ground work part of the lesson is vital for maximizing the therapeutic benefits of the program. Not only is this where the rider experiences responsibility and discipline but also the satisfaction that comes with caring for another living being. Grooming & Tacking address the following developmental areas: fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, vocabulary, motor planning, sequencing, memory, endurance, attention span, hand/eye coordination, bilateral involvement, balance, crossing midline and muscle strengthening.

Mounted Lessons include exercises, riding skills and games. The mounted segment of the lesson challenges the rider in balance, coordination, motor skills, body awareness, strength, flexibility, teamwork, socialization and self-esteem.


This program recognizes the physical, occupational and emotional benefits of working with and around horses. This ground work only program is designed for participants that cannot or do not wish to ride. The program offers activities that help participants develop physically, cognitively, socially and psychologically. Participants also gain skills that they may use in the field of horse management. This may be offered in a weekly lesson format or as a clinic.


The Special Olympics riding program is sponsored by South Carolina Special Olympics specifically for regional area school students. Scheduled during the school day, students participate in a modified format of the Therapeutic Sport Riding Program, geared toward possible competition at regional, state-wide, national, and international events. 


$300 per student, per six lesson session.

Tuition Assistance is available on an as-needed basis, subject to funds availability and student demand.

For further information on Equine Thearapy please visit http://www.horsesandhumans.org/




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